The art of letting go

The art of letting go

The art of Letting go

The tree in autumn provides us with inspiration on the art of letting go. We can imitate the wisdom of the tree by conserving energy over the coming autumn and winter months and letting go of unnecessary baggage. This process of letting go enables us to create a sense of physical and mental spaciousness in our lives.

Letting go is about prioritizing what’s important to us and clearing a space, both physical and psychic, to nurture and nourish the things that do matter to us.

As the trees let go of their leaves, what do you wish to let go of this autumn?

The global pandemic has thrown all our lives into confusion and uncertainty. As autumn arrives, many of us wish to let go of the fear, disappointment, and loss, that has been our companion during these unprecedented times.

Our mindfulness practice reminds us that the first step of letting go, is to allow ourselves to fully experience the emotions that we are wishing to let go of. Along the lines of: what we resist persists. If we can allow ourselves to simply feel what we are feeling, then we can process those emotions, connect with their inherent wisdom, and begin the process of healing.

However, if we bypass this stage of feeling what we are feeling, then letting go becomes pushing away, which in turn traps us in a cycle of persistent, unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Feeling what you feel is warrior work! Your yoga and mindfulness practice can support you along the way. Below are some meditation questions to assist you with the process of letting go this autumn.

Autumn Meditation: Questions on Letting Go

  1. What do I wish to let go of at this time?
  2. Are there any habits, ways of being, relationships, and activities, and so on that no longer serve me well? What are the steps I need to take to loosen their hold over me?
  3. What’s important to me? What do I need to let go of in order to prioritize the things that I value most in life?
  4. In what way would letting go of physical clutter improve the quality of life for me and those closest to me?

So yes! Now is a good time to pause and to reflect on all the above. So that you can consider how best to recuperate, regenerate, and replenish your energy this autumn!

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