Learn how to do the Warrior Pose / Virabhadrasana I

The Virabhadrasana poses begin in a lunge position with the forward knee at a 90-degree angle and the back toes at a 45-degree angle. The heels are in line and the hips level and square with the top of the mat.

This psoe stretch and strengthen the shoulders, arms, neck, legs, ankles and back. It requirew balance and flexibility, and promote mental focus and energizing the mind and body.

Let’s go through the pose step by step:

1.In downward dog, place your left foot down and step your right foot between your hands.

2 Bend the front knee to 90-degees.

3. Inhale, lift up to warrior one pose, press your hands together and look up. Exhale, hands down to the floor.

4. Step your right leg back and lower down in a half push-up.